Our Team

Our company would not be what it is today without the hard work of our highly motivated and dedicated team. Our center offers professional tutoring services from accomplished and dedicated tutors. With many years of experience in their respective fields, we truly believe that they are the best tool to help every student achieve their full academic potential.​

Executive Team

Mohamed El-Rafih BA. MEd. MACP.

Mohamed El-Rafih, began tutoring with his father in 2002. After graduating University in 2007, he taught at the National American School, then came back to Calgary in 2014 to expand his father’s tutoring company into My Tutor Calgary. Mohamed is a professional youth counselor, completing his Master’s of Arts in Counselling Psychology and MEd at the University of Calgary. Mohamed boxed on the National Lebanese boxing team, and currently coaches boxing while running My Tutor Calgary.

Dr. Jenny Jagers, PhD

Dr. Jenny Jagers, PhD Critical Care Medicine, and current medical student (MD), adds her +15 years of tutoring experience and her love of learning to our team. Jenny is an avid volunteer, dedicated mentor and active tutor. She has diverse interests from medicine to short story writing, and is all about motivation through inspiration. As our expansion team manager, Jenny is pleased to meet your family and provide guidance as to how we can help!

Our Tutors

Emily Easton

Emily is a future psychologist in the field of addictions and recovery. She is currently a 5th-year student at the University of Calgary, studying Sociology with a minor in Psychology. She loves the mountains and spending time with her husky pitbull lab named Moose. Her favorite video game is Mario Kart.

Tulika Bali

Tulika studied Political Science at the University of Calgary. She started her academic career as an honor student in high school and received several scholarships (Chairman Scholarship, Rutherford Scholarship) when she went to university. She aspires to become a lawyer and loves downtime with friends, reading and working out at the gym.

Carmen Siu

Camen holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and English degree from the University of Calgary. She is a receiver of multiple scholarships of distinction such as University of Calgary Admission Scholarship, Rutherford Scholarship, International Studentship, and Jason Lang Scholarship. She loves teaching, and in her spare time, she enjoys comic books, arts-and-crafts, and simply unwinding while watching a movie.

Abraham Adeyose

Electrical Engineer by profession Abraham is a graduate of Memorial University in Newfoundland. He loves being involved in the community and help shape young minds become better students. In his spare time, he is an avid athlete, he loves both basketball and soccer and likes playing a video game or two from time to time.

Saira Farooq

Saira is an Undergrad in Biomedical Sciences, University of Calgary. She also holds a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy. Her goal is to make a career as a Mental Health Therapist. When she is not studying or teaching she loves to eat out and try different cuisines.

Vishal Alagh

With an MBA In Finance and Marketing, as well as a BSC in Statistics, Vishal a wealth of knowledge to bring to his young students. He randed 3rd in Mumbai University in Inventory Management and Decision Making subjects. Loves teaching, traveling and swimming.

Upasana Nandu

On her way to complete a master’s degree in Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from University of Alberta, Upasana already has a Bachelor of General Science from Mount Royal University, with a minor in physiology and psychology. She loves spending time with family and friends, reading books, staying active, and crocheting.

Zia Rehman

Zia holds Bachelor of Computer Science from University of Calgary. He is a math wizard who loves video games and puzzles.

Brenda Pham

Brenda is a computer scientist from University of Calgary. She is an avid coder and hopes to become a software developer in the future.